Advantages of Horseback Riding

Horse Riding doesn’t seem like everyone’s cup of tea, but for those individuals who work hard and wish to become equestrians, the sport that honours horseback riding & equestrian skills comes along with a whole range of physical & mental health benefits. 

You might be thinking of going for some adventurous horse riding along with your family/friends this weekend, or maybe you are asking yourself if horseback riding or equestrian sports is the correct activity for your child. Or you are looking towards living a healthy and fit life and developing a routine for the same. 

Don’t worry! We are here with all the answers to your queries regarding horse riding. At Sagar Equestrian Sports Academy, Jaipur, we aim towards providing a nurturing and safe environment for young students & learners so that they can fulfil their dream of reaching the National & International level. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the premium advantages equestrian sports and horseback riding have to offer.

Improved Posture


Horse riding can help make you more aware of how you hold your upper body so you can take steps to correct it, both on and off the horse. An upright, correct posture and neutral spine are important in any equestrian sport and help ensure the rider is correctly positioned in the saddle. Riding with incorrect posture over time can result in back pain and injury. 

Better Reflexes

Horses are usually one of the most unpredictable species & sometimes horses can throw you curve balls; when they do, you will have about a split second to decide how to react. Equestrian Sports help you to construct your reflexes better and faster. Riding horses allows our brain and body to make decisions faster. Rinse and repeat throughout an equestrian career and chances are your reflexes are pretty on point.

Patience & Perseverance

At some point, patience is one key ingredient pretty much every equestrian struggles with. Teaching ourselves and the horse new skills is not done overnight and often requires a lot of repetition and practice. If you want to get anywhere as a rider, perseverance is a skill you will inevitably need and something that is likely to serve you in other aspects of life as well. 

At Sagar Equestrian Sports Academy, Jaipur, our instructors induce patience & perseverance into young learners and students so that they can make excellent decisions in their life.

Mental Balance and Stress Management 

Horse riding requires most of your attention to stay safe and guide the horse where he needs to go. Horseback Riding allows you to disconnect from stress and worries in your life as you focus on the horse and your surroundings.

Getting out of negative thought spirals, away from the source of stress and going outside in nature and fresh air can all do wonders for the mind. Sagar Equestrian Sports Academy is the best horse riding Academy in Jaipur. We await your presence on our grounds.